Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Long Awaited Introduction: Who is GDR.?

It's been a long while since I first started blogging. It's been a fun while too, even though I miss certain blog entities and presences I gave myself. I made this blog with the hopes of sharing my thoughts and experiences with everyone else - though I've ended up taking a turn towards sharing my material vanity instead - and because I love to blog, I decided to keep up with it. Well, part of it was out of love, and the other part was out of compulsory obsession. No matter where I've gone, I've always eventually ended up back here, and in February of 2013, I decided to make this an official extension of my small personal network. I am still so happy with that decision.

But who am I? For a while, I masqueraded as GDR. which is just an abbreviation of Götterdammuräng for those who might not have known. I didn't really feel connected to those who I spoke with because of that name. For me, it was just a title, a hint of my location and nothing more. It was always a silent "where to find me" without ever knowing how to address me.

And now, after personal deliberation and preparation, I've decided to fix that.

Ladies, gentlemen, and those in-between and not, please call me NIL. If you want to, you can refer to me by name from now on. So why all the secrecy?

Well... honestly, I had no intent of sharing my identity through this blog, considering that it was just going to be just a place for reviews. I wanted to write, share some personal opinions, and just leave it at that. But then that path changed. I had to remap the entirety of this blog's goal! I thought about adding more personal posts, of adding a more organic flair to it. It started to think about putting more of myself into it. Because of that, the timing had to be right, so to say. It took a lot of debating on my part before I finally decided to lift the veil.

I'm a born and raised American. As much as everyone has ethnic roots, I'm almost 100% sure that we just spawned here in the US because no one in my family can trace our lineage outside of American soil. I think because of that I try to reach out to understand different aspects of the world. I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to travel, so I tried to absorb as much as I can from where I am. I'm a reluctant polyglot, meaning while I speak many languages, I always get sort of anxiety trying to speak with others (especially natives!). My primary languages are English, French, and Esperanto. As far as everything I'm learning or touching up on, there's quite a lot.

I have so many interests, and my points-of-enthusiasm are very muted as of late. As far as things I really like to write about, I'd write about food, entertainment, and paper goods the most if I could.

I'm agendered, and my preferred pronoun is 'it'. I have a long sort of explanation as to why, but! If referring to me as 'it' unsettles you in some way, then fear not as I also would feel comfortable with the singular pronoun 'they'. Nothing else, however, so please stick with either of the two.

GDR, and ultimately CBN, comes from a long line of blogging, but what recently sent my networking prowess into motion is my music history. I used to work as a Japanese music journalist and networker up until 2010. After a series of other blogs, I made this one under a different, and probably cooler, name. After two transformations, this blog started off with a lot of reviews, but slowly during the last reach of 2013, it extended out into video games, movies, fashion, and TV shows. From 2014 onward, I want there to be more involvement of things I enjoy, namely food, technology, fitness, and theatre.

I'm honestly not sure where the future of this blog or of where this network will go or where it'll end. I just know that I'm not out for the views or the recognition. I want to have a place where I can talk to people and relay information to them. I have so many ideas and so many thoughts; I have group ideas and so, so much more. It's going to be an interesting step as I broaden out the reaches of this blog and this network.

I would like for GDR, for CBN, to be memorable in some way - hopefully in the best of ways. There's still so much growth ahead, and slowly yet surely, things will get better. Götterdämmerung, in partnership with Crow Based Network, will reach new heights and will hopefully be an achievement I'm proud to look back on. While you're here, I hope you support me, the blog, and the network's growth.

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